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Rameder's tear off-rope keeps trailers from going out of road

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Melding van 2018-02-22 om 12:53 uur

Sometimes it will be the small details that will make the difference. The so-called tear off-rope is no exception to this. If the trailer unintentionally detaches from the ball head while driving, this automatically triggers the trailer brake. If you use a car with a trailer provided with own brakes, you should make use of the cable. In many countries, its use is already mandatory. At Rameder, Europe's market leader in towbars and transport accessories, the practical tear off-rope is available for only € 8 and the suitable safety clamp for only € 13.

In many European countries, the use of a breakaway cable is prescribed for trailers with override brakes, with a certain total mass. In Germany for example, this is the case for trailers with override brakes having a total weight of 750 up to 3500 kg. Because if the trailer should unintentionally detach from the towing vehicle, the override brake is automatically engaged and the trailer will stop. Other road users can avoid the obstacle so better that the trailer does not turn into an uncontrolled rolling.

But the rules around tear off-ropes differ from country to country. For example, some countries require an attachment of the cable to an eyelet rather than loosely fitting it over the towbar. In the case of trailers with no brakes, even the use of a safety rope or a chain is sometimes required. Infringements of such rules come with different levels of fines. In this respect, it is always advisable to learn the relevant regulations before travelling abroad.

Many useful car products can be also found in the company's online shop at www.rameder.nl. It's worth to have a look.


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