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Useful safety accessories from the Rameder online shop

Don’t forget to check your car before your holiday! (EN)

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Look forward to the best time of the year and start to prepare early. Do your swimming trunks still fit? What about that special sun lotion? And take your medical drugs. And you certainly shouldn’t forget to check your car. You can save time by visiting Rameder’s online shop at www.rameder.nl, where you can get everything you need for your safety.

Not only yogurts have a BBD but also first-­aid kits, so don’t forget to replace things if need be (replacement set available from EUR 9,-). Does the warning triangle work (from EUR 10,-)? Do you have the warning vest as required by law (from EUR 2,02)? Do also check your oil gauge and tyre pressure. For minor punctures, get the EasySpair set for passenger cars (from EUR 41,-). And another little helper is a tow rope (from EUR 11.70), while straps help to secure your load and luggage (set from EUR 23,-).

If you tow a trailer, you will find useful wheel chocks (EUR 12,- apiece incl. mount). You will also be safe with Rameder’s anti-­roll dampers WS3000 (EUR 345,-), which permanently damp the trailer’s dangerous rolling, caused by rutting, side winds or abrupt lane changes and make for a stable handling.

If you want to take your bicycles with you, first check your country of destination or transit countries’ regulations. Italy and Spain, for example, want you affix warning plates to your bike carriers. Any breach carries a fine.


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